Register now for the AFNeT & prostep ivip STEP AP242 Day on the October 19th, 2021

AFNeT & prostep ivip associations cordially invite you to join the AFNeT & prostep ivip STEP AP242 Day on the October 19th, 2021, Online (From 2 pm to 6 pm CET).

  • Learn how to enforce the use of ISO 10303:242 and STEP standard series for an end to end 3D MBD and PLM metadata exchange to reduce collaboration cost and lead time.
  • Explore the roadmap of the OEMs, suppliers and IT vendors within your industrial landscape.

The attendance at the event is free of charge but registration is mandatory :

The event is targeting Automotive, Aerospace and Defense users (OEMs and suppliers) as well as PLM editors and integrators including senior management, methods, tools, and information system departments, experts and newcomers :

  • 14:00 Opening Keynote (a representative of Galia)
  • 14:15 Industrial User presentations (part 1/2)
    • STEP AP242 leadership : AP242 Ed3 requirements and planned roadmap (Jean Brangé, AFNeT Services / Max Ungerer, prostep ivip)
    • Airbus (Commercial Aircraft) : Status of EN9300 LOTAR standard for Long Term Archiving and Retrieval of Aerospace technical information, and links with ISO STEP AP242 (Jean-Yves Delaunay, Airbus)
    • DAHER : Project on AP242 XML Long Term Achiving (François De La Roche Saint-André, DAHER)
    • AFNeT Services : Electrical Wire Harness capabilities in AP242 (Lothar Klein, AFNeT EWIS Expert)
    • Audi : AP242 XML Kinematics (Gunther Fabian, Audi)
  • 15:20 Presentations of AP242 interface solutions by PLM Vendors (1/2)
    • Elysium : STEP AP242 Update – Elysium’s Commitment to openness (Yasuhiro Asano, Elysium) [JST]
    • Datakit : STEP AP242 implementation (Christian Caillet, Datakit)
    • Dassault Systèmes : STEP AP242 implementation (Florian Porcher, Dassault Systèmes)
    • T-Systems : COMPDM and its STEP module (Jorge Lopez, T-Systems)
  • 16:00 Break
  • 16:15 Industrial User presentations (part 2/2)
    • Safran Group : Master 3D & LOTAR (Lenin Sevilla Garcia, Safran Group)
    • AFNeT Services : STEP Geometry Services – ISO 23301 (Jacques Heinisch, AFNeT Services / Jean Brangé, AFNeT Services)
    • Airbus (Commercial Aircraft) : The Implementor Forums based on AP242: relationships, dependencies, and Joint User Meetings (Jean-Yves Delaunay, Airbus)
  • 16:55 Presentations of AP242 interface solutions by PLM Vendors (2/2)
    • CoreTechnologie : STEP AP242 implementation (Gauthier Wahu, CoreTechnologie)
    • Jotne : Open Standard Based Digital Twin – connecting PLM and simulation data with IoT/CPS for AI/ML applications (Kjell Bengtsson, Jotne / Jochen Haenisch, Jotne)
    • PROSTEP AG : Real World Usage of AP242 with PROSTEP OpenPDM (Carsten Zerbst, PROSTEP AG)
    • STEP Tools Inc. : Manufacturing Automation (Martin Hardwick, STEP Tools Inc.)
  • 17:35 Closing Keynote (a representative of Galia)
  • 17:45 End

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