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ASD Strategic Standardization Group support

ASD Strategic Standardisation Group (SSG) aims to support effective governance, at European level, of the development and validation of information interoperability standards and solutions for Aerospace & Defence industries.
AFNeT contributes it since 2009, with several missions/objectives:

  • Collect requirements and business cases related to data interoperability from the European A&D industry
  • Propose and organise projects (including standard development, interoperability forums and benchmarks) to answer to these requirements
  • Report on project progress
  • Provide a support to SSG operation, including management support (ensuring the chair role), technical support (e.g. newsletters, radar of standards, technical reports) and logistic support (meeting organisation and secretary, SSG website update).


Airbus is involved in this project.

Call for participation and collaboration

The ATLAS program is always welcoming new partners for projects that are still under development: to join this initiative contact Jean Brangé.

This project is open to collaboration with other associations around the world, with the objective that this initiative do not hesitate to contact us.




Yves Baudier, AFNeT Services

Jean-Yves Delaunay, AIRBUS

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