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CAx Interoperability Forum

The CAx-IF covers currently the Mechanical CAD domain, based on STEP AP242 (“Managed Model-based 3D Engineering”). This includes 3D geometry as precise B-Rep as well as Tessellated Geometry, Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), Machining Features, Composite Materials and Additive Manufacturing.
The CAx-IF User Group meets several times per year, either physically or virtually, documenting, harmonizing and prioritizing use cases and derived requirements as well as best practices. These deliverables will provide the basis for planning the activities in the Implementor Group and will also be passed on to the standards community to ensure users’ needs are fully supported by STEP AP242.


Airbus is involved in this project.

Call for participation and collaboration

The ATLAS program is always welcoming new partners for projects that are still under development: to join this initiative contact Jean Brangé.

This project is open to collaboration with other associations around the world, with the objective that this initiative do not hesitate to contact us.




Jean Brangé, AFNeT Services

Pierre Duchier, AIRBUS

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