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The Base of the digital Transformation of the Industry

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ATLAS is an opportunity

The ATLAS program was initiated in 2020 by the 4 key pre-standardization organizations in France :AFNeT, MINnD, l’AFIS andAIF in coordination with AFNOR. ATLAS is a unique opportunity for companies and industries to build large-scale projects while minimizing costs and risks. The current projects will extend the work successfully carried out for several years in design tools by the Aeronautics and Construction industries, to all strategic areas for Digital Transformation.

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An international influence at your service

ATLAS puts Digital Transformation at the heart of your companies' challenges

You have initiatives concerning interoperability to promote to a French and international network of expertise, don't wait any longer! Join the companies that are already contributing to the pooling of resources for digital projects.

Sustainable Development

The ATLAS program integrates the challenges of sustainable development of the planet by contributing to the simplification of uses through the use of interoperability standards.


The ATLAS program is dedicated to the creation of value and innovation of new products and services for all sizes of companies.


The ATLAS program enriches the training ecosystem by creating the necessary environment for the transmission of knowledge and the creation of new skills.

Industriel Efficiency

The ATLAS program helps companies transform their ecosystems by optimizing data exchanges between stakeholders in a project, a production line, a department, etc.

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