Data and infrastructure

Domain coordinated by AFNeT Services

Data is an asset. The ability to create, collect, store, maintain, transfer, process and present data to support business processes taking advantage of the new technologies like Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence, blockchains, Big Data, the Cloud. This involves to take into account many constraints such as cyber security, IP protection, Export Control, Data Quality, Virtualization.

The Data and infrastructure domain will focus on the business interoperability aspects of the technologies listed. For example, when looking at blockchains, the objective of the domain will not be to define the underlying blockchain standards developed in the ISO TC307, but rather to identify if we need business digital standards to enable blockchains in the digital transformation business processes such as how to reference off-chain data in traceability or collaboration processes.   

Regarding GAIA-X, we are closely monitoring the French and European activities and we have established a collaboration with the GAIA-X AISBL stakeholders.

L’ensemble des filières ATLAS a identifié ce domaine comme prioritaire pour leur stratégie numérique.

For ATLAS, the Data and infrastructure domain is strongly linked to all the other domains: System Engineering, PLM, Production of the Future, SCM, Maintenance, Digital Twin and BIM.

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