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- Domain managed by AFNeT Services -

• The Maintenance domain (Integrated Logistics Support and Maintenance) was created in the context of the ATLAS program, but some of its projects predate its creation and were carried out until 2021 by the PLM Task Force, which at the time included all of AFNeT's technical expertise. This activity focuses on identifying the needs for interoperability of product operation and maintenance data in a heterogeneous (training, operation, maintenance, certification, etc.) and dynamic environment (product changes due to maintenance, changes to the reference product design). Linked by construction to the PLM domain, the Maintenance domain is also linked to the following domains: System Engineering, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Twin.

  • Our ambition is twofold :
    • On the one hand, continue the development and deployment of the AP 239 STEP protocol (PLCS) in order to strengthen interoperability between the Design and Support phases and interoperability between AP239 PLS and existing support standards (IPS S-Series).
    • On the other hand, to launch in the short term the projects identified within the domain and focused on strategy (7 projects), proofs of concept (4 projects) and implementor forums (2 projects). The strategy projects aim to define generic standards that meet the strategic needs of the support activities (reduction of maintenance costs, use of the digital twin as a lever for support, etc.), the proofs of concept aim to evaluate potential solutions for identified needs and to deduce standard processes, and the Implementor Forums aim to identify the universal rules to be adopted by the support professions


  • Some results expected for soon:
    • AP 239 edition 3 with the objective of unifying the existing versions of the AP 239 protocol into a single reference and consolidating interoperability between the design and support phases thanks to harmonization with the AP 242 protocol
    • Specification and automation of the bidirectional mapping between the S-Series IPS and the AP 239 edition 3 application protocol.

Pour connaître les autres projets du Domaine Maintenance, merci de contacter les coordinateurs de domaine