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The AFNeT & prostep ivip STEP AP242 Day was a success !

The AP242 Day Day organized by AFNeT and prostep-ivip was a real success with: more than 150 registrations, 90 users connected continuously (coming from Europe, North America and Asia).

New achievements of AP242 and preparation of development of new AP242 edition 3 capabilities

Through 18 presentations, speakers from industry shared the industrial achievements based on AP242, vendors companies showed the progress in the implementation of STEP AP242 and our associations experts shared AP242 the set of capabilities expected in AP242 edition 3.   

The goal is to facilitate the exchange of end-to-end 3D MBD and PLM metadata to reduce collaboration costs and delays. The subject is at the heart of the ATLAS Program, the basis of the digital and ecological transformation of industry and is becoming more and more transversal to several industrial sectors. 

The 2022 AP242 Day’s preparation has already started within both AFNeT and prostep-ivip associations. Let’s remind that both associations (AFNeT and prostep-ivip) and PDES inc recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for closer cooperation in the field of MBx interoperability forums with the aim of speeding up MBx translator development and ensure the satisfaction of user requirements.

To read the details of the Program and speakers’ presentations, visit the AFNeT web site : 

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