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28/04 à 18h : Le Teasing n°7 AFNeT Standards Days 2022 / ATLAS Projects Days était dédié au domaine "Data et Infrastructures"

Jeudi 21 avril nous avons eu le plaisir d’accueillir Damien Grimonprez, Directeur Domaine Data & Infrastructures, spécialiste de la blockchain notamment au sein du système de santé, qui nous a dévoilé une partie du thème que traitera sa table ronde lors AFNeT Standards Days 2022.

Accelerating the industry and the data economy of industrial sectors through standards. Why and how? Why? How?

Data has become an essential raw material for most industrial sectors. Beyond this, it is the source of a new economy thanks to its value.

Exchange and collaboration are at the center of this data industry in which sharing is a value multiplier.
This exchange is based on rules, models & standards that make it possible and even accelerate it.

Our round table aims to better understand the place of interoperability and governance standards in the acceleration of the data industry and economy.

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