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Projet Standard BoostAero Domaine SCM

BoostAero XML Standard maintenance

The eSupply Chain standard of the «Aerospace and Defence» industry

BoostAero XML is the eSupply Chain standard of the «Aerospace&Defence» industry

It’s mission is to support the data exchange on the Airsupply platform of BoostAeroSpace.

The BoostAero XML standard covers 4 layers: Business Process, Semantics, Syntax, and Technical Architecture. BoostAero International works both on Direct exchanges and exchanges through the AirSupply platform.

Any company wanting to set up e-Supply Chain relationships with their customers or suppliers based on the Aerospace & Defense international standard (BoostAero XML) are invited to join the BoostAero Association.

(*) (Hub of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems and Rolls Royce)

(**)(United Nation association in charge of logistics exchange standardization)

Projet Standard BoostAero SCM

Call for participation and collaboration

Le programme ATLAS accueille en permanence des nouveaux partenaires aux projets même en cours de développement : pour rejoindre cette initiative contacter Samy Scemama.

This project is open for collaboration with other associations over the world, with the objective to turn this initiative to an international project.



Samy Scemama, AFNeT Services


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