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Image Page Projet Site ATLAS STEP Extended Architecture

STEP Extended Architecture

    The STEP Extended Architecture defines an evolution of the development and publication of the ISO 10303 STEP framework …

    STEP AP 242 benchmark

    STEP AP242 benchmark

      The goal of the AP242 benchmark is to provide a public status of STEP AP242 functionalities available for operational use…

      Page Projet Site ATLAS PDM-IF


        STEP AP242 Product Data Management Interoperability Forum (PDM-IF) : Create and maintain best practices for PDM2PDM collaboration …

        Page Projet Site ATLAS EWIS-IF


          EWIS-IF speeds up the development of Electrical wiring harness information data interfaces based on ISO 10303 AP242 ed2…

          Page Projet Site ATLAS CAE-IF


            The CAE interoperability Forum (CAE-IF) is a joint testing effort between AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip.

            Page Projet Site ATLAS CAX-IF


              The CAx-IF covers currently the Mechanical CAD domain, based on STEP AP242 (“Managed Model-based 3D Engineering”).

              Page Projet LOTAR


                The objective of LOTAR International is to develop standards for Long-Term Archiving and Retrieval of digital data …

                Projet PLM AP242 edition 4

                ISO STEP AP242 edition 4

                  ISO STEP AP242 Ed4 is the extension of AP242 Ed2 to the electrical design domain, completed with specific enhancements in domains …

                  19/10/2021 : AP242 Day

                    This conference will present the state of play of interoperability solutions based on ISO 10303 AP242 “Managed model based 3D engineering”.