PLM EWIS-IF (Electrical Wiring Interconnection System Interoperability Forum) The objectives of the EWIS (Electrical Wiring… Read More »EWIS-IF


PLM CAE-IF The CAE interoperability Forum (CAE-IF) is a joint testing effort between AFNeT, PDES,… Read More »CAE-IF


PLM CAx Interoperability Forum (CAx-IF) The CAx-IF covers currently the Mechanical CAD domain, based on… Read More »CAx-IF


PLM LOTAR The objective of LOTAR International is to develop standards for Long-Term Archiving and… Read More »LOTAR

Projet PLM AP242 edition 4

ISO STEP AP242 edition 4

ISO STEP AP242 Ed4 is the extension of AP242 Ed2 to the electrical design domain, completed with specific enhancements in domains …

2021 trend for the MBSE

Lors du comité de domaine MBSE élargit à plusieurs partenaires industriels de l’AFIS nous restituons ici les principales tendances …

19/10/2021 : AP242 Day

This conference will present the state of play of interoperability solutions based on ISO 10303 AP242 “Managed model based 3D engineering”.

AP 239 Ed3 PLCS

AP239 Product Life Cycle Support est le protocole d’application STEP pour le support produit tout au long du cycle de vie, couvrant la conception, …